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Water Management

A reliable, safe, accessible water system is key to maintaining good health of employees, visitors and building users. Waterborne illnesses can cause a variety of symptoms from mild skin reactions to more severe gastrointestinal illness which can be fatal. Over 95% of waterborne diseases are preventable.

Under a duty of care, supported by country specific regulations and codes of practice, all Duty Holders (as an employer or someone in control of premises) are required to identify, assess, manage and control the risk related to waterborne illness and provide safe, wholesome drinking water to building users.

ISHEM provides a comprehensive range of consultancy services relating to water management, risk control and legal compliance, including:

  • Waterborne pathogen risk assessment

  • Water sample strategy, plans and laboratory analysis

    • Drinking water systems

    • Domestic water systems

    • Recreational and leisure water systems

    • Healthcare water systems

    • Vehicle wash systems

  • Water management compliance assurance reviews

  • Closed system support

  • Record keeping systems

  • Water safety plans

  • Water management policies

  • Water management training

  • Independent technical expert advice

  • Independent witnessing and oversight

ISHEM consultants are qualified and experienced in all aspects of water management, providing practical and pragmatic advice to ensure you are fully compliant with applicable legislation. Our consultants have conducted many assignments across a wide range of sectors including healthcare, industrial, commercial, and residential premises. All assignments are performed by qualified consultants and testing by accredited laboratories. Accredited and bespoke training courses are available in both classroom and virtual formats.

The value of independence for verification and validation of Water Management is recognised by many organisations and is a specific requirement for some regulatory authorities. ISHEM is a completely independent consultancy with no financial interest in remediation so you can be assured of receiving impartial advice on the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to meet your specific requirements.

For further information and a quotation for water management services contact us here.

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